Hashtrokicker is a project consisting of 16,384 unique pieces of artwork, variations of a common composition. Each work has been rendered as a 64 megapixel (8192x8192) PNG formatted image.

The composition is inspired by the game Astrokicker, which is now available on Steam. The game is a modern re-imagining of classic arcade games from the 80s, including Bosconian and Asteroids. To celebrate that heritage, Hashtrokicker provides very rare variations that play homage to those games.

The images feature four rendering styles, some more common than others

The works are annotated, include informational text embedded in the image files, and MD5 and SHA256 hashes have been calculated for the works.

The total body of work is almost 600 gigabytes in size.

The 'Groovy' renders comprise just 0.13% of the total renders

Even rarer, the 'Blue Period' renders, with 0.04%

We are currently working to bring this collection to the public through the blockchain. If you have the capability to make this happen, contact us at hashtrokicker@quadrivosoftware.com